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A Letter of Thanks from Bosra-Hauran

His Eminence Metropolitan SabaHis Eminence Metropolitan SabaHis Grace Bishop Basil passes along this note from Metropolitan Saba of DOWAMA's sister-archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran:

Dearest and beloved brother in Christ, Bishop Basil: Thank you very much for your kind greeting on my Name's Day. Be assured that you, your clergy and all in your Diocese are in my prayers always. I want to thank you and all in the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America for the very generous donation of US$30,000.00 which, I know, was collected for us by much sacrifice and love. I received it last Tuesday before I left for Geneva to attend a consultation about what is transpiring in my country. How we need your prayers! I return to the Middle East tomorrow to take part in the consecrations of the new bishops for your Archdiocese, then I shall go back to my Diocese. Please ask your clergy to pray for us, our Church and our country.

In Christ,
Metropolitan Saba