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March 2012 Edition of The Word Now Available

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The March 2012 issue contains the following articles:

The Essence of St. Basil's Social Vision, pg. 5, by Troy and Theodora Polamalu & Charles Ajalat

The Cedars of Lebanon and Our New Bishops, pg. 8, by Fr. Michael Ellias

Want to Be David, Against Goliath?, pg. 10, by Chris Humphrey, Ph.D.

Works of the Order in Action, pg. 12, by Jennifer Nahass

My St. Stephen's Residency, pg. 16, by Keith E.D. Buhler

...and more!

We are experimenting with a different, double-page spread format for The Word Magazine PDF files. We hope that this change will provide a better view of the layout and design of the magazine. We welcome reader feedback regarding the readability and usability of this format! Please send comments to