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Mayor Honours Economos Antony Gabriel

On Wednesday October 3rd 2012, His Worship Mayor Gerald Tremblay hosted a cocktail in honour of Economos Antony Gabriel's 50 years in the Holy Priesthood.

The Mayor had been unable to attend the September 15th Celebration Event banquet, therefore he insisted on hosting this event, in which he presented Father Antony with a bronze sculpture entitled "Man of Peace" done by the famous artist Jean-Daniel Rohrer. It is a replica (number 69 out of 100) of the full size, over 2 metres tall, sculpture that sits in the Palais des Congrès in Hiroshima, Japan. In addition, Father Antony also received the painting "Montreal, Ville de la Paix" produced by the same artist (number 29 out of 100). It is a replica of the original which is hanging in the Mayor's office. In return the Mayor was presented with the "Bobblehead” of Economos Antony that the committee gifted to all that were in attendance at the Celebration Event. It brought a huge smile from the Mayor.

The Mayor was very laudatory in his expressions of gratitude towards Economos Antony. He commended his ability to bring together, over the years at city hall, people of different faiths. Jews, Christians, Muslims, as well as many others, brought together to demonstrate our common humanity for peace. Father Antony was also asked to sign the "Golden Book" in which he inscribed a message for future generations, his "message of peace".

Let us say that it was a thrilling moment for our Pastor and humbling at the same time. He constantly made reference that without the support of his church, the community, the people and the Mayor, this task could have never been accomplished. Feeling very blessed to have such a wonderful association with the Mayor as well as willing people to work, Father Antony was gracious in his remarks. Champagne was served and a toast for our Abouna. Those in attendance were extremely proud.

By Fares Maalouly