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New Collection of Writings from Fr. George Morelli

Antiochian author, psychologist, chaplain and priest Fr. George Morelli has recently released Healing Vol.2: Reflections for Clergy, Chaplains and Counselors. This new collection of writings anthologies many of Fr. Morelli's Chaplain's Corner columns, as well as several articles concerning anxiety, despression, suicide and end-of-life ministry. Healing Vol. 2 is available to order from the Eastern Christian Publications website.

From the preface:

For the past several years I have been writing a monthly column, Chaplain's Corner, that has appeared in The Beachcomber, the newsletter of the V.A. Healthcare Hospital of La Jolla, California, and was then edited for the general reader for publication in The North County Times, a San Diego newspaper. These columns comprise the Chapters in Part I of this book. All have in common that they deal with issues that are important in the lives of contemporary mankind in the 21st century, especially military personnel, veterans and their families.

In Part II of this book I deal with a particularly egregious set of problems confronting both military and civilians in the 21st Century: anxiety, depression, suicide and ministering at end of life. In the case of military personnel, the conditions of fighting in the boundary-less, uncertain "war on terrorism" in the Middle East and elsewhere has greatly increased the incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and concomitant rate of suicide. Even among the general population climate change has introduced unprecedented climactic upheavals that have been likened to the stresses of warfare and its effects. Hopefully, my contribution to an understanding of anxiety, depression, suicide and end of life ministry will in a small way be helpful to clergy and mental health practitioners as well as to victims and their families.