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New Resource for Sunday School and Catechism Class

A new Orthodox Christian education resource, the website, recently launched in anticipation of the 2012-2013 church school year.

Created for children between the ages of 7 and 13, the site provides free downloadable Catechetical School lessons especially designed for parents and teachers to help children learn "the rich religious and spiritual heritage of our Orthodox faith, a set of values to better equip them to face life’s challenges, and a spiritual framework to help give focus and meaning to their lives."

All lessons on the site have been developed by parents, godparents, Orthodox youth and Catechetical School teachers, and have been reviewed by clergymen. The materials are written in everyday language and include colorful illustrations, word play and coloring activities to reinforce the main lesson themes. A Teacher’s Edition is included to make sure young students get the most out of every lesson. Content is subdivided into the categories: Fasting and Prayer, Church and Feasts, Holy Scriptures, and Faith and Sacraments.

Browse the new site.