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New West Coast Orthodox Institute Announces February Symposium

San Francisco, California

The website announces, "The Sts. Cyril & Athanasius Institute for Orthodox Studies in San Francisco is a new institution in development for the furtherance of Orthodox study and life. And while we are aimed at providing resources and a context for national development (through national and international conferences, fora and publications, etc.), we are nonetheless also specially focused on fostering Orthodox education in western North America - a region currently under-served in this regard. From our base in this region to reach out to support the educational mission of the Church throughout the country through Regional Centers."

In keeping with the Institute's goals, the site adds, "The first regional symposium of the new Sts. Cyril & Athanasius Orthodox Institute will take place Friday-Saturday, 17th-18th February 2012, on a theme critical to both the study and experience of Orthodox Christian life: the symbolism and inner meaning of the Divine Liturgy." Titled Living Symbol: Exploring the Inner Meaning of the Orthodox Liturgy, the "three-part symposium will provide participants with a rich exposure to the dynamic meaning of the various actions, movements and events of the Church's chief liturgical celebration, drawn both from the explanations of the Fathers as well as the vibrant liturgical heritage of the local Orthodox Churches." 

Among the speakers is Antiochian Archdiocese priest the Very Rev. Archpriest Josiah Trenham, who will address the topic, "The House of God: A Consecrated Temple & Consecrated People."

Go here for Symposium information and registration.

Visit the Institute's main website.