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No Damage or Injuries from Heartland Tornadoes

St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral, WichitaSt. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral, WichitaOn April 16, His Grace Bishop Basil (Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America) gave thanks to God for His help during the recent period of tornadoes in the nation's Heartland.

"GLORY TO GOD! None of our parishioners sustained any injuries and none of our church temples sustained any damage during the violent tornadoes (estimated to be numbered at 130+) which ripped through the Heartland this past weekend, claiming six lives in Woodward, OK. The only noticeable result was a one hour delay in the start of Paschal services at Wichita's St. George Cathedral and St. Mary Church. Thank you for your prayers and the many inquiries of concern."

In early April, His Grace reported:

"Following the multiple devastating tornadoes which ripped across north Texas yesterday [April 4, 2012], I have checked with the clergy of our North Texas Deanery and the ones I have heard back from (Fr. Daniel Keller of Mesquite, Fr. Antony Bahou of Dallas, Fr. Anthony Miller of Fort Worth, Fr. James Rooney of Wichita Falls, Fr. Daniel Bethancourt of Shreveport, and Fr. David Barr reporting from our Diocese's newest community in Waco) inform us that there has been no personal injury or property damage sustained by any of our parishioners, their businesses or our church temples and other parish facilities. I have yet to hear back from Fr. Michael Hull of Tyler or Fr. Barry Thibodeaux of Jacksonville. The other two congregations in that Deanery (St. Luke in Abilene and Holy Cross in Odessa thankfully were not in the path of the tornadoes.

In the meantime, Fr. Finbar Thibodeaux wrote from Christ the Savior in Jacksonville, TX: 'All is well thanks be to God! We had much wind, lightning, rain and small hail, but no tornado activity in our area. No one in the parish has sustained any damages or injuries…'

Fr. Michael Hull wrote from Holy Apostles in Tyler, TX: 'Tyler had severe thunderstorms but no tornadoes. However, the lakes are now full again and the drought has ended in East Texas! We are all well.'

With this all congregations of our North Texas Deanery have been heard from, and all are well. Glory to God!"