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Nomination Forms Available for Upcoming SOYO Elections

Each year SOYO elects new officers for each of its diocesan SOYO Youth Movements.  Those wishing to run for Diocesan SOYO office must be present at their Diocesan Parish Life Conference Teen SOYO Meeting, as well as have properly filled out and have signed by themselves, their pastor and one of their parents the SOYO Nomination form.  Teens do not need to be nominated by others, they simply need to make known their intent to run and have properly filled out a SOYO Nomination form and to have turned in their nomination form to the Diocesan Spiritual Advisor prior to the Teen SOYO meeting at the Parish Life Conference. 

 Teens wishing to run for Office are encouraged to do so and are encouraged to make their intention known to the Diocesan Spiritual Advisor as early as possible. Please see the list of Spiritual Advisors below.  Please carefully read the nomination form to see that you are willing to meet the requirements for running for office.

Download SOYO Officer Nomination Form


Spiritual Advisor 

SOYO Diocese 

E-mail Address 

Fr. James Coles 

Los Angeles and the West - Eagle River and the Northwest

V. Rev. Antony Bahou

Wichita and Mid-America

Alex Younes

Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York

V. Rev. Patrick Kinder

Toledo and the Midwest

Fr. Philip Rogers

Miami and the Southeast

V. Rev. Joseph Kimmett

Worcester and New England

Fr Demetrios Makoul

New York and Washington DC - Charleston, Oakland and the Mid-Atlantic

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