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OCF Opens Search for North American Chaplain

Brookline, MA – May 2, 2012

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) announced today that applications are being received for the position of North American Chaplain. The position is being increased to half-time, and will be held by an Orthodox clergyman who will also have the ability to continue to serve a parish or other ministry.

Fr. Michael Nasser, OCF’s current North American Chaplain, shared his thoughts on this development: “With OCF’s new leadership and with a fast-growing awareness among parents and clergy of how vital this ministry to our students really is, I couldn’t be happier that the next North American Chaplain will have more time to be dedicated to this great work.”

OCF is currently restructuring to better guide and support the hundreds of OCF chapters spread out across North America. The new North American Chaplain will work across all Orthodox jurisdictions, providing resources and assistance to the chaplains who work directly with the students on campus.

Interested candidates may download the Job Description. They may apply for the position by sending a letter via email or postal mail to Jennifer Nahas, OCF Executive Director (, at the North American office. The letter should contain the applicant’s educational, ministerial and other work history; any relevant general experiences and relevant campus ministry experiences; their vision for Orthodox campus ministry and what motivates them to seek the position; and finally how they see this position interacting with their other parish/ministry assignment, including what would be required for the applicant to accept the position if it were offered to them. Applications must be postmarked or emailed June 15, 2012. For further information, please contact the OCF office at 800-919-1623 or