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OCN Acquires Illumination Learning

Fort Lauderdale, FL  (OCN)–

The Orthodox Christian Network (OCN), a not-for-profit online Christian radio and learning portal, announces the acquisition of Illumination Learning, a not-for-profit, online hub for Orthodox Christian education resources.

"Younger generations are increasingly turning to the Internet to learn and engage the original teachings of Christ nurtured and protected by the Orthodox Christian faith," said Father Chris Metropulos, Executive Director of the Orthodox Christian Network. "OCN is ready and eager to expand our education offerings online."

"Illumination Learning has been blessed to engage thousands of students of all ages throughout the world - children, parents, and adults - to access videos, podcasts, and blogs and learn from some of the great minds in Orthodoxy worldwide," said Jennifer Hock, Founder and President of Illumination Learning. "The OCN expands our reach and resources in providing Orthodox Christian education resources."

"Illumination Learning offers all of us the opportunity to learn without being limited by geography. Think of all the Orthodox speakers you'd love to hear who haven't come to your city or parish. With Illumination Learning, you can travel and learn without ever leaving your house! You can hear theologians from around the world, experts in fields that matter to you, and spiritual giants who proclaim the Gospel with zeal and love. It is the most readily available, easily accessible, and cost-effective way ever to sit at the feet of the greatest Orthodox minds of our time and experience the faith in a new way," continued Jennifer Hock.

Kentucky-based Illumination Learning was founded by Jennifer Hock in 2009 as an Internet hub for Orthodox Christian education.  A not-for-profit, Illumination Learning has grown into a large network of thousands of students of all ages - parents, children, godparents, grandparents, educators, and clergy.