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OCN Initiatives Emphasize Outreach and Engagement

The Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) has launched a series of initiatives aimed at bringing the mind of the Church to bear on today's issues, while reaching out to both faithful Orthodox Christians as well as religious seekers.

Notes Fr. Chris Metropulos, OCN's Executive Director, "We are focusing on five 'E' words over the summer: we want to 'envision' the Church to use media to reach and evangelize; we want to 'enlighten' people as we center our 'Come Receive the Light' flagship program on monthly themes such as family and marriage; we want to 'engage' people with our increasingly popular Sounding blog; we want to 'enliven' the parishes by helping them create their own radio station online; and finally, we want to 'entrust' OCN to take action for the good of the Church."

A video staff of five has been producing film clips that compliment OCN's radio themes. Each time the monthly subject is rolled out for "Come Receive the Light," a video short accompanies the theme (view the Parenting video here).

Another OCN video project posted to YouTube has received over 120,000 hits. A response to the popular YouTube video, "Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus," the video was OCN's creative way to "fight facts with facts," notes Fr. Chris. "The original video had over twenty million views and counting, and we felt that we had an obligation to explain why the video wasn't historically or theologically accurate."

OCN's videographers were also present on Monday April 23, when Saint Sophia Cathedral in Washington, D.C. hosted the Conference on Climate Change. Representatives from a large majority of America’s faith traditions as well as scientific experts, medical professionals and military leaders met to discuss the seriousness of the climate issue. Bill McKibben’s plenary address is posted, and OCN will be featuring other speakers from this conference during the coming weeks.

"We also have planned improvements to our podcasts," explains Fr. Chris, "and are significantly redesigning and updating the website soon. Our site's homepage will be simpler and easier to navigate, and the subpages focused on various ministries are going to take on their own identity and be dynamic."