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Orthodox Scout Sunday is February 5

Orthodox Scout receives St. George medalOrthodox Scout receives St. George medalOn Sunday, February 5, 2012, Scouts all over the United States will celebrate Scout Sunday, and as such, the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops has simultaneously designated the day as Orthodox Scout Sunday. Scouts will wear their uniforms to their local parishes, as a visible sign of their membership both to the Scouting program and to the Orthodox Church.

Through the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting, the Assembly and its predecessor, SCOBA, have actively supported Boy and Girl Scouts of the USA since the 1960's.

Orthodox Scouts can earn one of three age-appropriate awards: St. George for the youngest children, Chi-Rho for the middle years, and Alpha Omega for the oldest Scouts. The rewards require progressively more challenging work culminating in service projects. Scouting programs have traditionally considered reverence and belief in God to be cornerstones for developing young men and women as civil, military and religious leaders.

Sponsoring a scouting troop is a way for a parish to offer adventures and leadership opportunities to young people. The Boy Scout pledge includes the promise to be reverent, which finds its fulfillment for Orthodox youth in the Church, where they learn to know and obey God's commandments. Parishes are encouraged to either support existing scouting programs or consider launching a troop.

For more information, visit the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting (EOCS) website.