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Paul Finley Interviewed About Village Icon Workshop

Orthodox Institute icon class at Antiochian VillageOrthodox Institute icon class at Antiochian VillagePaul Finley, the Executive Director of Antiochian Village, recently spoke with Ancient Faith Radio (AFR) about an icon workshop that will be held at the Village from August 4th through the 12th, 2012. The course is "Icons: Creation Through Prayer," and the instructor will be Cheryl Ann Pituch, an iconographer who previously taught at the Department of Christian Education's 2010 Orthodox Institute.

Participants will stay at the Village the week of the class, and by its conclusion will have completed an icon of the Archangel Michael.

In the AFR interview, Paul Finley explained the background for the workshop. "We're reinstituting this program after years of not having this at the Village," he noted."The instructor has been an iconographer for a number of years; she actually began her work in Chicago, where she was going to St. Luke's Orthodox Church. Her priest, Fr. John Matusiak (OCA), noticed that she had a very steady hand while she was painting the church sign, and asked if she would consider painting the backgrounds for the icons he was working on. That was her first introduction and led her into the manifestation of that gift."

The course will include an emphasis on prayer and meditation. "The class will take you on a journey to learn the steps of an iconographer," explains Cheryl, which includes a proper spiritual foundation. Students are requested to leave electronic devices at home and count on a week of reflection and study as well as iconography instruction. "Iconography is a spiritual gift more than it is an artistic talent," continues Paul Finley. "Rules are followed as to the lettering, the colors, how the face looks--it goes along with how we understand the Gospel. We're not trying to reinvent how the feast days should look, but write depictions in the same manner as they've been handed down to us from generation to generation."

For more information and registration details, visit the Antiochian Village events page.

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