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Please Pray for the Suffering in Connecticut

The Archdiocese calls for her members to pray with love and courage for all the victims and those suffering in the aftermath of the violence in Connecticut. As our Metropolitan Philip has written before during great tragedy, "We pray that our risen Lord Jesus Christ, who destroyed death, will grant the families and the entire country the peace and hope that only the empty tomb can provide."

A Prayer in Time of Trouble

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, who brought great joy into the world with your divine birth and salvation through your glorious Resurrection, who shed your precious blood to wash away the sins of man and to revive his spirit. Accept us as we approach your goodness and hear the voice of our petitions. Look with compassion upon your servants who have suffered great tragedy and restore hope and well being to their lives. Let not their faith waver. Permit not their hope to flee. Let not their hope in you fade away. Disperse the cloud of sadness that has encompassed them. Reassure their minds, lift up their spirits and restore their confidence. Open the doors of their hearts to permit the Holy Spirit to enter and abide their and bring renewal and healing to their bodies and souls. For you are the healer of souls and bodies, and reviver of the spirits of all of us, and to you we ascribe glory, thanksgiving and worship to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.