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Prison Ministry Awareness Sunday

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops has appointed the Sixth Sunday of Pascha May 20, 2012, as Prison Ministry Awareness Sunday in all Orthodox parishes of North America. As the official prison ministry of the Assembly of Bishops, Orthodox Christian Prison Ministries is grateful for the designation of this important day, when all Orthodox Christians are called to unite in prayer for those in prison and their families. Please mark your calendar, pray, and consider supporting OCPM on Prison Ministry Awareness Sunday.

Kory Warr, Chairman of OCPM, writes:

"The ministry of OCPM continues to grow at an incredible pace. When I took over the correspondence ministry a couple of years ago, we received somewhere around 25 letters per month; now, we receive close to 200. Every two weeks, I send out a general letter to over 300 men who are in prison. I also correspond personally with around 70 men. Our correspondence is on substantive matters of faith; it is decidedly not small talk.

I receive letters every week that require a personal response. I have recruited a few people here in Oklahoma City to help me with the correspondence; however, the need continues to grow. Our prisons are full of men who are hungry for the truth of the Orthodox Faith. This fact is demonstrated by the fact that I do not seek out the men who write me; some of them are in contact with Orthodox who are doing prison ministry, but the majority of them have heard about the Church from someone else who is in prison. If you are reading this and you are a member of the clergy, can you consider helping us in our correspondence ministry? We hope to offer spiritual help and guidance to a large number of men who are searching earnestly for the truth." 

Contact OCPM for volunteer opportunities and more information.