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Reflections from the 3rd Annual Fellowship Fall Retreat to the Antiochian Village

Adel Alfakhori: "It was a special, spiritual weekend growing with God."

Elias Akkari: "I look forward to this trip every year. Now, with the connection with St. Mary's, the trip was very memorable."

Debby Allen: "This year's retreat brought back the love, understandings, and teachings I was lacking."

Lana Ammari: "Great experience! I loved meeting new people throughout the entire trip!"

Majd Barhoumeh: "Very touching to have two Fellowships come together and become so close in so little time"

Amanda Burgoyne: "Expanding our hearts through fellowship and unity in Christ helped us to realize and strengthen our spiritual armor for the same purpose."

Nicole Dahdal: "Being with Dn. Saed again and listening to his inspirational lectures gave me the rejuvenation I needed to continue to grow in the Orthodox faith"

Alex Damarjian: "Powerful. I can't wait to share what I learned with my friends and family."

Najeeb Eseed: "Renewable. Enlightening. Keep continuing with our faith."

Liana Fakhouri: "It was great combining two churches together."

Seif Fakhouri: "It was a really good experience. I learned a lot."

Faten Haddad: "Definitely, a life-changing experience!"

Khalil Haddad: "This is a nice experience, with a lot of love from everyone."

Tariq Haddad: "Learning the word of Christ."

Jennifer Haddadin: "The feeling and unity of both churches growing spiritually and culturally."

Klodia Haddadin: "A very moving, spiritually empowering journey worth taking."

Abe Harb: "Another beautiful year filled with fun, but more so with fellowship and spiritual bonding."

Joseph Homsy: "Unity is combining two elements into one. St. George and St. Mary's exemplified 'unity' on this Retreat. One family. Together. Beautiful."

Mark Imreibe: "Inspiring. An opportunity to make new friendships."

Victor Imreibe: "The Retreat was a great experience spent with friends, family and God.."

Sami F. Imseih: "A great experience that I would recommend to the all members of our churches."

Justin Lawrence: "It was wonderful to see the two churches doing something like this together."

Trevor Lenhart: "A fantastic opportunity to step back from our daily routines and undergo a spiritual recharge."

Laura Mraibie: "It was an amazing retreat with meaningful sessions and great people."

Elian Mseeh: "Best one yet! I loved meeting new people from St. Mary's and becoming friends through Christ."

Fady Mseih: "The Antiochian Village is my home away from home."

Sami M. Mseih: "Don’t cry because it's over, smile because it happened and will keep happening."

Amanda Nimry: "It's amazing to be able to create new friendships and memories with our church community and the visitors from St. Mary's."

Nicole Nimry: "I learned that my patience can be structured infinitely and that the kindness of others can still surprise me."

Mark Petrelli: "My second time at the Village spent in spiritual fellowship with friends, old and new."

Mary Petrelli: "My second time at the Village (for this Retreat). My first year, I found the spirit; this time I confirmed it. The best part was spending time with our sister church"

Khader Rantisi: "Very successful. I gained a lot of info that enriched my knowledge about our faith."

Linette Rayahin: "I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual Fellowship Spiritual Retreat to the Antiochian Village because it allowed me to grow in my faith and become so much closer to God."

Sahar Rayahin: "Dn. Saed's sessions were simple and to the point, which is what we need in learning our faith."

Michael Rayan: "Rigorous."

Mona Rayan: "This is my third time going to the Village with FSJD. Each time is memorable and I'm glad I experienced it with our sister church, St. Mary's."

Oudeh Rayan: "Pleasant and enjoyable."

Elaine Riadi: "It was a great experience seeing our sister churches coming together and growing in our faith. The Holy Spirit is truly with us."

Fr. Fouad Saba:"54 people brought back memories of a Christ-centered weekend. All sought to put on the Armor of God. All returned anew."

Basil Rihani: "I had a great time meeting wonderful people from both churches being united under one Church."

Dn. Saed Rihani: "An honor to be with all of you. I learned so much!"

Rami Saigh: "The most beneficial experience I had in my life."

Rima Saigh: "I had an inspirational and hopeful experience, in which I believe that we couldn't have had a great time without love and open-mindedness."

Shawkat Samawi: "The experience was truly amazing, especially the difference in the atmosphere from the trip to the Village and back. A major difference!"

Danny Shaheen: "My experience on this trip was enlightening as well as memorable."

Milad Sleiman: "I loved meeting new people from the other parish."

Angela Sweis: "This Retreat was truly 'unforgettable.'"

Joe Sweis: "I loved getting together with both churches and the entire experience was very uplifting."

Nawal Sweis: "Fascinating. Fantabulous."

Orieb Sweis: "Awesome! Fantablastic. Unforgettable!"

Rammy Zanayed: "Each year, this Retreat is one-of-a-kind, and having St. George and St. Mary join and grow in fellowship together under one faith was remarkable, uplifting and inspiring for greater things to come, like next year's Retreat, which plans have already begun. "

Ronnie Zanayed: "It was one of the most spiritually uplifting gatherings that I was a part of, invoking religion and fellowship in perfect harmony."

Paul Zecharia: "I was extremely grateful for this life-changing experience and I am happy to have finally come to the Antiochian Village."