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Resources for Order Ambassadors

The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch Order Ambassador Program

Growing the Order through Action!

St. Ignatius tells us, “As the tree is known by its fruits, so they who claim to belong to Christ are known by their actions for this work of ours does not consist in just making professions but in a faith that is both practical and lasting.”

One-to-one communication is the most effective way for the Order to grow. We cannot continue to expand without local advocates, members who will promote the good works of the Order, to encourage new members. That is why we have gone to the membership to help us increase our numbers and “feed the multitudes.” The Order Ambassador program was designed to serve as the “link” between the Governing Council, Membership and the Diocesan leadership. It is our hope that through you we can enhance communication, and identify and educate those who may wish to increase their involvement to the faith.

Together we can build up the church, put our faith into action, and change peoples' lives!


The Purpose…

An Ambassador of the Order plays a vital role in spreading our good works within each parish. Each parish has a rich potential of faithful who, given the facts, will answer the call towards “spiritual giving.” Identifying these individuals is the key towards the continued success of the Order.

Getting Involved…

Throughout the year there will be opportunities to focus on the projects of the Order and the Order ambassadors with their personal relationship to the members of the parish community, have a unique perspective in identifying those people who are spiritually moved towards giving. It is essential to keep the projects of the Order in the forefront of parish life.

Each Ambassador will be given the information needed to be successful in this ministry. The Archdiocesan Order Administrator will provide the Order brochures. These brochures should be displayed in a prominent location within the parish. Monthly bulletin inserts will be e-mailed to the Ambassador for publication in the parish newsletter or bulletin. Sample homilies and information can be found on this website to assist in the education of future members.

Education is the Key…

Through understanding the many good works of the Order, the faithful of this Archdiocese will embrace the “miracle” of giving without hesitation. The Archdiocese continues to grow and thrive. To those who have been richly blessed, much is required.

There are four simple steps in this education process:

· Four weeks prior to a hierarchical visit, with the assistance of the parish priest, identify potential members.

· Two weeks prior, schedule a visitation by the membership committee of the Order. 

· Host or arrange for an informational coffee hour in conjunction with this visit.

· Send an informational letter along with a membership packet to all prospective parishioners. The membership packets are sent to the parish priest prior to any hierarchical visit.