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St. Ennatha, St. Valentina and St. Paula, Virgins and Martyrs


Commemorated on February 10

The Holy Virgin Martyrs Ennatha, Valentina and Paula suffered in the year 308 under Emperor Maximian II Galerius. St. Ennatha came from the city of Gaza, St. Valentina was a native of Palestinian Caesarea, and St. Paula was from the region of Caesarea.

St. Ennatha was the first to be brought to trial before Governor Firmilian, bravely declaring herself a Christian. She was beaten and suspended from a pillar and scourged, offering her pure soul to Christ.

St. Valentina, accused of not worshipping the pagan gods, was led to a temple to offer sacrifices, but she bravely hurled a stone at the idol and turned her back on it. She was beaten mercilessly and sentenced to be beheaded along with St. Ennatha.

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