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St. Erentrude, Virgin, of Austria

Commemorated on June 30 (also on September 4)

St. Erentrude was the niece of St. Rupert of Salzburg. Her date and place of birth are unknown, but it may be surmised that she was born in present-day Germany or Austria, in the latter part of the seventh century.

She followed St. Rupert to Salzburg, where she was installed as the first abbess of Nonnberg Abbey. She died on June 30, 710, the same year as St. Rupert.

Her relics are in the crypt of St Mary’s church, not far from her convent. Her feast is kept on June 30, and September 4 commemorates the translation of her relics.

St. Erentrude was recently selected as the main motif for the Austrian Nonnberg Abbey commemorative coin minted on April 5, 2006. The reverse side shows the crypt dedicated to Erentrude in Nonnberg Abbey, with a statue of the saint.

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