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St. Ermenhilda, Abbess of Ely Monastery, England


Commemorated on February 13 (also on October 17)

St. Ermenhilda was the Queen of Mercia and abbess of Ely in England. She was the daughter of Erconbert, King of Kent, and Queen Sexburga.

St. Ermenhilda married Wulfhere, King of Mercia. She converted her husband to Christianity and bore him two children, Coenred, and Werburga. After her husband’s death, she became a nun at Minster-in-Sheppey Monastery, which had earlier been founded by her mother, Sexburga. Her mother resigned from the abbey and went to Ely, giving St. Ermenhilda her blessing as the new abbess. When Sexburga died at Ely twenty years later, Ermenhilda became Ely’s third royal abbess in succession.

Ermenhilda’s daughter, Werburga, succeeded her as abbess of Ely.

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