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St. Inna, St. Pinna and St. Rimma, Martyrs and Apostles of St. Andrew

Commemorated on June 20 (also on January 20)

The Holy Martyrs Inna, Pinna and Rimma were Slavs from northern Scythia (modern-day Bulgaria). They were disciples of the holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called in the First Century and preached the Gospel of Christ and baptized many of those who sought the Truth Faith.

The women traveled with St. Andrew on many of his missions. In present-day Kiev, they all stood on a hill and planted a cross, prophesying that one day there would be a flowering of Christianity in that city.

Learning they were Christians, the local price had them seized and demanded that they offer sacrifice to the idols. However, the women refused to denounce Christ.

It was wintertime, and the rivers were so frozen that not only people but horses with carts could travel across the ice. The prince ordered that the women be tied to logs. They were gradually lowered into the freezing water, and when the ice reached their necks, they offered their blessed souls to the Lord.

The Cathedral of St. Andrew in Kiev, Ukraine, was built on the same spot where the holy martyrs stood with St. Andrew.

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