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St. Timon Sunday

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

PLEASE REMEMBER!!!   JULY 29th has been designated as 'Saint Timon Sunday' in our Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America. Dn. James Kallail, Coordinator of DOWAMA's Sister Diocese program 'The Hauran Connection,' writes: "This year Sunday, July 29th is the day set aside to remember our brothers and sisters in Christ of the Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran in southern Syria, especially Metropolitan Saba and his clergy. It is also the designated day in our Diocese for fundraising for The Hauran Connection." Need resources for that day or have other questions? Go to or contact Deacon James.

Deacon James has provided us with the listing of the clergy of our Sister Diocese so that we may commemorate them by name on July 29th:

  • His Eminence Metropolitan Saba.
  • Achimandrite Seraphim.
  • Archimandrite Issac (who serves Ira).
  • Priest Peter (who serves Al-Sweda and Jbeb).
  • Priest George (who serves Daraa).
  • Priest Peter (who serves Znebe).
  • Priest Philip (who serves Al Oslha, A dara, and Shahba).
  • Priest George (who serves Salkhad, Aramman, Malah, Anz, and Om Aromman).
  • Priest Samaan (who serves Al Korayya, Tisiya and Maarbeh).
  • Priest Elia (who serves Izraa and Mothbeen).
  • Priest Timon (who serves Kharaba and Rakham).
  • Priest Paul (retired).
  • Deacon Joseph.