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St. Vladimir's Seminary Hosts Music Events

St. Vladimir's Seminary, Crestwood, NY, Announces:


Join us for an exquisite evening of liturgical music sung in the traditional styles of Orthodox Christian churches worldwide. In a multi-media program that interweaves luminous icons, sacred texts, and a rich a cappella sound, the St. Vladimir's Seminary Chorale will perform "ORIENT: Sacred Song and Image" at the famous St. Malachy's,"The Actors' Chapel," in the heart of Manhattan, at 239 West 49th Street, New York City. This stirring concert will begin at 7:30 p.m.

The concert program will include pieces from the broader Orthodox tradition sung in their original languages— Greek, Georgian, Estonian, Slavonic—as well as choral music by Orthodox composers written for the concert hall. Two visual projections—one of images of Orthodox icons and the other of translations of musical texts—will run simultaneously as the chorale sings. Icons, music, and text will expound one another, just as they do within the Orthodox liturgy. The concert will combine the best elements of a professional choral performance with the depth and authenticity of the Orthodox liturgical experience, resulting in a truly beautiful multimedia artistic performance, and a full, authentic vision of the Orthodox Christian faith.

The chorale will be directed by Hierodeacon Herman, Lecturer in Liturgical Music and Chapel Choir Director at the seminary, and Matushka Robin Freeman, who created the concert format and conducted in its premiere at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music in 2010.

Spread the word to your friends, family, and church family!  

Tickets are $25, and may be purchased online here. Your printed registration form will serve as your admission ticket.



AUDITION NOW! Vladimir Gorbik Master Class and Choral Workshop: “Interpreting Orthodox Sacred Choral Music”

Monday, June 25–Friday, June 29,2012

NOTE: The Master Class begins on Monday evening, June 25th, and will end by noon on Friday, June 29th


The beautiful and inspiring sacred choral heritage of the Eastern Orthodox Church has in recent decades become more widely known in the West, through the increased availability of musical scores and recordings. Liturgical and academically-based choral musicians aspire to perform works from the Orthodox realm, both in liturgical worship and in concert settings. However, opportunities to study the technique, performance practice, and interpretation of Orthodox sacred music on a masterful level have been limited . . . Until now!

This unprecedented choral master class provides an opportunity to learn directly from one the master teachers of the Russian Orthodox Sacred music tradition. Dr. Vladimir Gorbik, one of the leading practitioners of sacred choral music in Russia today, will be offering the first-ever Master Class in the interpretation and execution of Orthodox sacred choral music from the perspective of the Russian choral tradition.

Who is invited to participate?

  • choral conductors of university, college, community, and professional choirs
  • Orthodox church choir directors
  • accomplished choral singers
  • interested auditors, student assistants

All participants will be required to audition, and those selected will have an opportunity to engage in an intense schedule of rehearsals, coaching sessions, a choral recital, and two major Orthodox services—an All-Night Vigil and a Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (June 29th on the New-Style calendar). To apply, please download an Application with Audition Instructions, here.

About Vladimir Gorbik

Vladimir Gorbik (b. 1970) began his musical studies in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and continued them at the Moscow State Conservatory, completing a specialization in choral conducting in 1998 and in orchestral conducting in 2000. Since 1996 he has served as the choral director at the Moscow Representation Church (Metochion or Podvorye) of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery, and since 1998 has been Artistic Director and Conductor of the professional men’s chorus formed at the Metochion. With this choir he has made over a dozen outstanding recordings of both liturgical services and concert programs. The choir has on numerous occasions sung at Patriarchal services in the Dormition Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin, and accompanied Patriarch Alexy II on his trip to the Holy Land. The repertoire of the Metochion’s Men’s Chorus cultivates the finest repertoire and interpretive traditions of the Moscow School and the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.