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Titanic Connections: Heritage Museum Exhibit Tells Unique Stories

The Antiochian Heritage Museum, housed in the Heritage and Learning Center on the grounds of Antiochian Village in Bolivar, PA, is currently showcasing an exhibit marking the 100th anniversary of the luxury cruise ship Titanic's tragic maiden voyage. The display honors the memory of those who perished in the disaster, as well as the faith and perseverance of those who survived. Through the stories of a few lesser known passengers and one famous one, the exhibit explores several unusual "Titanic connections." 

Museum Curator and Librarian Julia Ritter chose the featured stories because they connect both to the history and lives of earlier Americans, and also to the heritage and roots of Antiochian Christians, thus offering an particularly unique perspective on one of the most dramatic tragedies of the modern era.

Notes Ritter, "in conjunction with the Titanic exhibit, we have developed special Titanic Tour Packages which may include a guided museum tour, a Titanic-themed lunch or dinner created by our Executive Chef Tim Johnston (based on real Titanic passenger menus), and/or a hands-on project of making a 'Titanic dessert' with our Pastry Chef, Darcie. This has been a wonderful way to introduce bus tour groups from far and wide to our facility, and to the heritage of the Antiochian people and Church." 

Tour groups can also watch a free screening of "Titanic’s Final Moments: Missing Pieces," the History Channel documentary in which divers uncover the fascinating truth about how the great ship went down.

Due to its popularity, the Titanic exhibit has been extended through February 2014. Visitors to the Antiochian Heritage Museum can also view the historical items in the from the museum's permanent collection, including icons and artifacts from the Eastern Orthodox Christian heritage, and an original 1617 King James Bible.