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Two Antiochian Christians Publish "The Nativity of Christ" for Children

St. Stylianos Books was founded by Lily Parascheva Rowe to publish books she has written with illustrator Roland J Ford. Both attend Holy Cross Antiochian Orthodox Church in Linthicum MD. In looking for children's books for her children, Rowe found that there wasn't much Bible story material available in English to give her children something to return to again and again--without the need for parental revisions or additions in order to make the Bible story books truly Orthodox.

Astounded by the overall lack of material in English for Orthodox children, Lily started writing books which combine elements from iconography and the hymnography of the Church, while interweaving these things with the Traditional narrative of the Church. "The main difference a reader will notice between these books and typical Bible story books is the completion of the narrative," she explains. "Many Bible story books are strictly written from a 'sola scriptura' perspective, produced by non Orthodox sources. Many Orthodox parents may use these sources for lack of anything better." Rowe's aim through St. Stylianos Books is to fill the Orthodox family's need for a traditional narrative, which in turn gives relevance to the liturgical services and teaches children to properly read icons.

The first book produced by St. Stylianos Books is going to be available in print December 10, 2010. It is titled "The Feast of the Nativity" Pre-orders are currently being taken on St. Stylianos Books web site at a 10% discount. There are six books in total finished and waiting to be printed. It's the founders' hope that enough of the Nativity books will sell that they will be capable of printing the Theophany book in time for Theophany, 2011.