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Nika House, the University of Illinois Orthodox Christian Student Living Center

Imagine a college dormitory with icons on the walls, incense lingering in the air, and the sounds of studying, prayer, and fellowship alike.  Such a place exists!

At the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, the Orthodox Christian Student Living Center, called Nika House, provides such an on-campus home away from home.  Open since 2004, the first such Center in North America has hosted dozens of students as residents and as a meeting place for members of the local OCF.  For more details and contact info please visit the House website.

This particular form of campus ministry is one that we envision spreading to *all* college campuses.  The Center does face challenges, but with God's grace and the prayerful support and donations of the faithful, this ministry endures and grows.  Would you please consider lending your support so that we may help plant seeds of future Orthodox residences?  Especially, please inform all high school seniors and UIUC students you know that this opportunity is available to them.  The board of directors of the Orthodox Christian Alumni Association thanks you.