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Department Training and Event Updates, August 2018

Coordinators for the Department of Christian Education recently attended the Parish Life Conferences throughout the Archdiocese. Each coordinator networked with parishioners and priests to offer the services of the department to provide training for teachers, or church school directors. Our trainers can also instruct in areas of Adult Education and through other theologically inspiring topics. Many excellent opportunities are currently in the planning stage and most will take place this fall. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, contact your coordinator or the Department for more information. All are welcome!

Watch our website or like our Facebook page to get up-to-date information on all of these opportunities in various dioceses. If you are interested in hosting a training at your parish, please contact Leslie Atherholt at aodce. or 717-747-5221.


St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Bridgeport, CT will host a Teacher Training II workshop for their teachers. Tentative date is Saturday, Sept. 29. Other parishes and jurisdictions are welcome to attend. St. George, Little Falls, NJ will host a custom program for novice and advanced teachers for all the Orthodox churches in the area. This training is tentatively scheduled for October 20. Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Linthicum, MD will host a Teacher Training II workshop, tentatively scheduled in early November.


St. George Orthodox Church in Houston, TX and St. Elijah Orthodox Church in Oklahoma City are planning trainings for the middle or end of August. Subject is to be determined. Khouria Gigi Shadid will be hosting a training for the East Texas Deanery at a time to be determined this fall. St. Elias Orthodox Church in Arvada, CO is also planning a teacher training in the fall. St. Additionally, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Shreveport, LA is planning a teacher training with an adult education component.


Trainings and presentations are in the planning stages for Montreal and Halifax/Prince Edward Island for this fall. Host parishes and topics are yet to be determined. The annual training at St. Elias Cathedral in Ottawa will also take place this fall. St. Mary’s, Mississagua and St. George, Richmond Hill are also exploring the possibility of a fall training.

If you are interested in attending any of these trainings or would like to host one at your parish, please contact the department at or 717-747-5221.