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Diocese of Charleston Liturgical Information

Whenever serving any of our services, when possible, you should always utilize liturgical texts from the archdiocese that have been approved in writing by His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph. It is always best to choose the latest edition of the text in this regard. When choosing music, your first directive is to contact the Department of Sacred Music. You should feel free to contact Paul Jabara, the Department of Sacred Music Chairman, at any time:

There are liturgical services that you will be called upon to serve that can not be found in texts of the Archdiocese. In some cases, even though the texts are available through the Archdiocese, some particulars in how to serve the service may not be included. I want to be sure that we are doing everything that we can to serve the services properly in continuity with the other churches of this Archdiocese. When you need help serving these services, you are certainly welcome to utilize Arabic texts from our Patriarchate. You are also welcome to visit the liturgical website of the diocese of Wichita and Mid-America.

If and when you utilize these resources, you are to immediately contact Fr. Thomas Zain (, 718.748.7940) dean of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, who works at the Archdiocese and teaches liturgics at St. Vladimir’s Seminary. He is able to read the texts in Arabic from the Patriarchate and is in close contact with Metropolitan Joseph, so that you can be offered proper interpretation.

If you have any questions in this regard, please use our Archdiocese directory and confer with any of the people mentioned above.

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