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Interpretations of the 2016 Theme

Possible interpretations of the theme may include but are not limited to some of the following ideas:

Visual Depictions

  • A house with the words of the theme
  • A house with a family
  • Ways that we worship, obey, and serve the Lord
  • A family serving the Lord by serving others
  • The home as a "little church" showing a family praying in front of their icon corner, reading the Bible, praying before a meals, baking prosphora, etc.
  • Icons of The Presentation of the Theotokos, The Presentation of the Lord, or St. Basil the Great's family

Subject Matter for Writing and Poetry

  • Explain how the home is a "little church"
  • Discuss what it means to serve the Lord
  • Describe ways that they and their families can serve the Lord daily
  • Discuss the family of the Theotokos, Jesus, and/or St. Basil the Great and how their families served the Lord
  • Describe how families who serve the Lord can be a positive influence on others
  • Discuss how God has given us free will and we need to make a conscious choice whether or not to serve Him
  • Talk about people having other "gods" in our society today that are more important to them than the one, true God such as money, cell phones, social media, the internet, sports, etc.
  • Describe traditions that are practiced in your own home that help maintain your Orthodox Christian faith.
  • Discuss how we can join ourselves to God through our whole way of life so that it becomes "one continuous and uninterrupted prayer." (St. Basil the Great)