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2018 Creative Arts Festival Lesson Cross-Reference

“They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship,
in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” (Acts 2:42)

Kindergarten- Together with God

Lesson 1 “God’s Family” Our individual families come together to worship God and become one big family, the Church.

Lesson 14 “The Divine Liturgy” Our Divine Liturgy is based on the way the early Christians worshipped God.

Lesson 15 “The Church Prays” We pray for everyone and everything during Divine Liturgy.

Lesson 16 “We Hear God’s Word (Gospel) The apostles’ doctrine came from Jesus’ teachings which we learn about through the Gospel readings.

Lesson 18 “Holy Communion” We break bread together when we receive Holy Communion.

Lesson 28 “Ascension Day” When Jesus ascended to heaven, He told the Apostles to live as He had shown them.

Lesson 30 “Pentecost” The Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles giving them the ability to teach other people the things Jesus had taught them.

Grade 1- God Loves Us

There are no specific lessons that relate to the theme.

Grade 2- New Life in Jesus

Lesson 1 “We Belong to God’s Family” We belong to our own family and also to our Orthodox Christian family, the Church.

Lesson 3 “Jesus Teaches Us How to Be Members of His Family” Jesus teaches us how to think and act as members of His family.

Lesson 7 “Jesus Sends His Holy Spirit” Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to help us follow His teachings.

Lesson 8 “We Receive the Holy Spirit” Explains how we receive the Holy Spirit through Chrismation.

Lesson 11 “The Gift of the Eucharist” Jesus gave His Apostles Holy Communion for the first time at the Mystical Supper.

Lesson 12 “Do This in Remembrance of Me” We receive Holy Communion at the Divine Liturgy.

Lessons 13-18 These lessons enable the students to recognize the various parts of the Divine Liturgy.

Grade 3- New Life in the Church

Lesson 1 “Who Are We?” Discusses Jesus and His disciples.

Lesson 2 “How Do We Join the Orthodox Community?” Explains that the Orthodox Church is a community of baptized believers.

Lesson 3 “How Do We Get the Power?” Discusses the Holy Spirit, Chrismation, and Pentecost.

Lesson 4 “How Are We Joined with Jesus?” Makes the connection between the Mystical supper and the Holy Communion we share today.

Lesson 8 “They Know Us By What We Do” Talks about helping others.

Lesson 9 “They Know Us By What We Believe” As Orthodox Christians, we share the same beliefs.

Lesson 10 “They Know Us By the Power of the Holy Spirit” The Holy Spirit gives us the power to act on what we believe.

Lesson 11 “We Share the Good News” Discusses the command, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”

Lesson 13 “We Worship” Explains that we come together in church to worship God as His family and discusses the various parts of the service.

Lesson 14 “We Serve and Minister to Others” Jesus wants us to be kind and help other people.

Lesson 17 “We Meet the Lord in the Church Building” Talks about the early Christians worshipping in the catacombs.

Lesson 19 “We Meet the Lord in the Divine Services” Discusses how the early Christians shared meals together and how the Divine Liturgy was celebrated at that time.

Lesson 20 “In the Gospels” The Gospels tell us about Jesus’ teachings.

Grade 3- We Worship God in Church

Lesson 1 “Come, Let Us Worship God” At the Divine Liturgy, people meet together as if they were one family.

Lesson 2 “We Meet for Worship in Church” Helps students understand the difference between
“The Church” as a body of the faithful and the church as a building.

Lesson 12 “We Listen to the Words of the Apostles” The Apostles wrote letters, or Epistles, to the early churches to remind people about Jesus’ teachings.

Lesson 13 “We Listen to the Word of God” The Gospel reading helps us understand how Jesus lived and how He wants us to live.

Lesson 14 “We Bring Our Gifts to God” Discusses early Christian worship.

Lesson 18 “The Gifts of Jesus Christ” References the Last Supper.

Lesson 21 “We Receive the Gifts of Jesus Christ” Helps students gain a more reverent understanding of receiving Holy Communion.

Lesson 24 “We Try to Live a Christian Life” Helps students understand that the Christian faith should be part of their everyday lives.

Grade 4- Jesus the Promise of God

Lesson 13 “Jesus and the Twelve Disciples” Introduces the Twelve Apostles and explains the difference between disciples and apostles.

Lesson 26 “The Last Supper” Relates The Last Supper to the Divine Liturgy where we receive Holy Communion.

Lesson 29 “The Promise is Fulfilled” Discusses Pentecost.

Grade 5- Our Life in the Church

Lesson 7 “The Gift of the Holy Spirit” Discusses Chrismation and references The Book of Acts.

Lesson 11 “We Enter the Church” We come together as one big family to worship God.

Supplementary Lesson “How People Became Christians Long Ago” Discusses practices of the early Christians.

Lesson 12 “The Church Gathers” Talks about coming together to worship God.

Lesson 16 “God Blesses and Speaks to Us” Discusses the Epistle reading and the Gospel reading.

Lesson 22 “We Prepare for God’s Banquet” Receiving Holy Communion.

Lesson 23 “We Return Home” References making disciples of all nations and states that the work of Jesus Christ continues through us.