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Using the Theme Throughout the Year 2016

Please download the updated version of this material for additional resources! (Revised 1-22-16, PDF)

Theme: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)

Symbol: House

Icons: St. Basil's Family, Presentation of the Theotokos in the Temple, Presentation of the Lord in the Temple

Theme Song: "We Will Serve The Lord"

Lesson Plans: Downloadable lesson plans are provided by AODCE for age levels ranging from preschool to high school:

Reference Books:

  • Making God Real in the Orthodox Christian Home by Fr. Anthony Coniaris
  • A Guide for the Domestic Church, available from God With Us Publications

Throughout the Church School Year:
Use the logo and/or symbol on name tags, room signs, letterhead, bulletin boards, posters, crafts, gifts, and incentives.

Craft Kits Related to the Theme:

Websites Related to the Theme:

Website Related to the Family:

Other ideas may be found on AODCE's Social Media Pages:

Saints Festival:

This is especially good in the month of October as an alternative to Halloween, but it can be held at any time. Have the children dress in costume as a saint or Biblical figure. Take this opportunity to teach the children about the lives of St. Basil the Great and his family.

Celebrate the Feast Days:

Celebrate the feast days of the Presentation of the Theotokos (11/21) and the Presentation of Christ (2/2) as examples of the family, through ritual, making God the center of their lives.


Celebrate the feast days and learn about the saints of St. Basil the Great's family:

Additional resources:

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library, Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers, Series II, Volumes 2 (Sozomon), 5 (Gregory of Nyssa), 7 (Gregory Nazianzus), 8 (Basil)
  • The Cappadocians by Anthony Meredith SVS Press, 1995
  • The Asketikon of St. Basil the Great by Anna M. Silvas, Oxford Early Christian Studies, 2005,
  • Gregory of Nyssa, The Letters, translated and written by Anna Silvas Brill, 2007
  • Wandering, Begging Monks by DF Craner, University of California Press, 2002
  • Virgins of God by Susanna Elm, Clarendon Paperbacks, 1994
  • Macrina the Younger, Philosopher of God, by Anna Silvas, Brepols 2008
  • Fathers of the Church, St. Gregory Ascetical Works translated by Virginia Wood Callahan, CUA Press, 1967
  • The Life of St. Macrina by Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, translated by Kevin Corrigan, Peregrina Publishing Company 1996
  • Life of St. Naucratius

Serving Others:

Jesus served others and He wants us to do the same. Volunteer together as a family. You may want to help others, by working at a homeless shelter, food bank, etc., or consider these charitable organizations: Habitat for Humanity and Project Mexico (building homes) or The Treehouse ( which helps economically challenged moms and children with basic necessities and programs.

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