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Fr. Melitios Koury + April 11, 1966

Born Mirshad Koury in the village of Toumeen, Syria March 12, 1872, Fr. Melitios was the son of Fr. Khalil Koury, and grandson of Fr. Meletios Koury. He emigrated to the United States with his wife Thekla in 1905. He was employed as a butcher, moving first to Allentown, Pennsylvania, then Trafford, and then Braddock, before finally settling in Homestead around 1914.

Father Melitios was ordained priest in 1918 by Bishop AFTIMIOS Ofiesh, taking the name Melitios. As a priest, he would travel extensively as a circuit priest in order to serve the Arab Orthodox community in Pennsylvania before permanent churches could be established. He was pivotal in establishing St. Michael of Homestead, which he helped merge with St. George of Pittsburgh in the early 1950s. That church is now St. George Cathedral of Oakland in Pittsburgh.

Father Melitios often did his own construction work, including much of the work that was done on St. Michael's. He was known as a very resourceful man, making ends meet for himself and his community with whatever means available. He died of pneumonia on April 11, 1966.