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A Message from Metropolitan Saba of Bosra-Hauran

His Eminence Metropolitan Saba of the Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran in Syria writes:

God bless you and all our brothers and sisters of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America. There is nothing new to report except, as you know, the situation of the people is getting worse every day. Rami, who was to be ordained, fled to Germany as a refugee accompanied by his wife. Anas is to be ordained on Saturday, July 30th -- God willing. I established a special charitable association at the beginning of 2012, but because of the situation its work until now has been off and on. Now it is very active and can, by your help, work regularly. Its aim is to serve the needy parishioners of our Archdiocese and others who are in serious need. Again I thank all our brothers and sisters of your Diocese, especially Sayyidna Basil. I hope to visit DOWAMA, but I cannot know the time . It all depends on the situation -- and God's will. 

In Christ,
+Metropolitan Saba of Bosra-Hauran

Pray for the clergy of the Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran

His Eminence Metropolitan Saba.
Archimandrite Issac (who serves Ira).
Priest Peter (who serves Al-Sweda and Jbeb).
Priest George (who serves Daraa).
Priest Peter (who serves Znebe).
Priest Philip (who serves Al Oslha, A dara, and Shahba).
Priest George (who serves Salkhad, Aramman, Malah, Anz, and Om Aromman).
Priest Samaan (who serves Al Korayya, Tisiya and Maarbeh).
Priest Elia (who serves Izraa and Mothbeen).
Priest Timon (who serves Kharaba and Rakham).
Priest Paul (retired).
Deacon Joseph.
Anas (to be ordained to the holy diaconate on July 30th)

Update on some of the parishes of Bosra-Hauran

Sweda: The city of our cathedral and chancery, now flooded with thousands of refugees including many from our parishes in outlying towns and villages of the region.

Daraa: half of this large parish fled to Damascus, 45 families of those remaining lost their homes.

Maarbeh: the entire parish has fled and now live as refugees.

Kharaba: still has 36 families while the others (160) fled to Sweda and Ira.

Jbeb: still has 18 elderly people who stayed so as not to lose their homes. The others fled to either Damascus or Sweda.

Al Oslha: has retained only half of the parish while the other half fled to Sweda.

Rakham: is completely deserted.

Tisiya: is completely deserted.

Smej: is completely deserted.

The most intensive aid work of the Archdiocese is centered in both Sweda and Daraa.