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A Man of Letters: Metropolitan Philip of Blessed Memory

Metropolitan Philip of Blessed Memory loved poetry and many forms of literature. The following books are titles he endorsed, wrote, or edited, and all of them can be obtained from the Antiochian Village Bookstore.

And He Leads Them

The Very Rev. Joseph J. Allen edited this diverse collection of Metropolitan Philip's speeches, homilies and poems, compiled to celebrating his thoughts and writings over the past 35 years of his episcopacy.

Meeting the Incarnate God

In this new compilation of two spiritual classics, Metropolitan Philip and The Very Rev. Joseph Allen capture and communicate essential theological concepts of the Christian East in a mode that every person, rather than only theologians, can understand.

Metropolitan PHILIP: His Life and His Dreams

The Very Rev. Peter Gillquist's definitive look at the life and vision of Metropolitan Philip holds a wealth of information and inspiration surrounding one of the most remarkable Christian leaders in the 20th-century America.

Ordained for Men in the Things of God  

Edited by The Very Rev. Joseph Allen and The Very Rev. Joseph Antypas 

A Commemorative Collection on the 40th Anniversary of Metropolitan Philip 

Orthodox Synthesis: The Unity of Theological Thought

In this volume edited by The Very Rev. Joseph Allen, the reader will find examples of the thought of some of the most creative Orthodox theologians in the contemporary world, all brought together to honor Metropolitan Philip on the occasion of his fifteenth anniversary as Primate of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America.

The Ancient Church on New Shores

Metropolitan Philip presented this comprehensive history book of our Antiochian Archdiocese in North America to its readers, authored by Economos Antony Gabriel.The book's theme is that the virtues of  perseverance, struggle, and determination are the only road to the success of the personal individual human being.