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March is Antiochian Women Month

The month of March is designated as Antiochian Women Month by His Eminence Metropolitan JOSEPH as a time when the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America encourage their sisters in Christ to participate in the Liturgy and minister in their parishes and their communities. Vice President/Project Coordinator Kh. Suzanne Murphy writes:

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!
Beloved Hierarchs, Reverend Clergy, and Sisters in Christ:
March is Antiochian Women Month!

We most humbly ask all of you, the Pastors of our many beautiful parishes, to help us in our desire to be active and effective witnesses of the Resurrection and bearers of the Gospel message, like the Myrrhbearing Women, whom Metropolitan JOSEPH said we represent in our parishes. 

You can do this by: 1) publicizing our efforts (in bulletins, on bulletin boards, in websites/Facebook, and in your announcements); 2) encouraging the women of your parish to become active members of your local Antiochian Women chapter, and motivating them to organize and attend AW events in your deanery and diocese; and 3) supporting the fundraising activities of your local chapter, and, if possible, giving special recognition to the many hours of dedicated effort that the women devote to our Church.

Will you please make extra copies of the material listed below and place it in a location where your parishioners may take them and read them. Thank you.

As a reminder, the Project monies that are collected through all of the fundraising efforts at your church should be sent to your diocesan Antiochian Women treasurer to arrive no later than May 1, 2019.

This is an important deadline, since she must compile all of the incoming funds before forwarding them to the NAB Treasurer who must prepare a report for the meeting of the Antiochian Women at the Summer Meetings. Please impress upon the treasurer of your local Antiochian Women chapter that this May 1st deadline is inflexible.

In addition, please urge the women in your parish to go to the Antiochian Women website at The site contains links for downloading our DIAKIONIA newsletters, the Membership Handbook, the Antiochian Women Grant information, our DVD "Yes We Do!", and other important documents and information.

May God look with favor on our fundraising efforts this year. And may God bless and guide us in all that we do as we seek to "serve Christ through serving others." On behalf of the North American Board, I pray that you and your families will have a peaceful journey through Great Lent and a most blessed and holy Pascha.


Your sister in Christ, humility, and service, I remain,

Kh. Suzanne Murphy, Vice President/Project Coordinator
North American Board of the Antiochian Women

Learn more about Antiochian Women and download the resources below.

  1. Letter from His Eminence Metropolitan JOSEPH (for printing in your bulletin/newsletter)
  2. Letter from NAB Vice President, Kh. Suzanne Murphy
  3. Letter from Laila Ferris, Chair of the Antiochian Women Grant/Scholarship Committee (with Grant Application)
  4. Women Month Message
  5. Antiochian Women Month Trifold Brochure with Grant Application (PDF)
  6. Antiochian Women Month Trifold Brochure with Grant Application, inside page (JPG)
  7. Antiochian Women Month Trifold Brochure with Grant Application, cover page (JPG)
  8. 2019 Project Information and Resources (graphic files to print the POSTER, and formatted versions for your bulletin/newsletter)
  9. Information about printing and postage expenses