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May 22, 2013 + The Realization of the Resurrection

The following interview was conducted by George Vassiliou with His Eminence Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos. It was originally published in Επίκαιρα της Αιτωλοακαρνανίας, then republished in Paremvasis (April 1998).

Do you believe the contemporary world can attain the realization of the Resurrection? What is the message you would like to send, as a Hierarch, to young people?

What we have said so far shows the position of the spirit I want to get through in this interview. What I would like to emphasize at this point is that there exists a revolution occurring with hatred and the energies of the Beast of Revelation, and there is a resurrection occurring with love and the energies of the Lamb of Revelation. Christ by His Resurrection made the greatest revolution in history. Not every revolution is or leads to Resurrection, but the Resurrection in Christ Jesus is the true revolution, in the sense that the word "revolution" (επανάσταση) comes from the verb επανίστημι and shows the return (επάνοδο) of humanity to their first-created beauty, the restoration of humanity to our previous glory, and our resurrection from the Fall.

Christ was sacrificed and arose not to do some spectacular action for His own personal exaltation and glory, but to become the medicine for mankind. When medicine is found for a sickness, then we rejoice because then every sick person can be remedied. Likewise, Christ with His Cross and Resurrection became a more powerful medicine, "the medicine of immortality". All of us who are dominated by death can get rid of its dynasty and live the Resurrection. This was lived by the Saints, so can we as well.

Finally, I want to say that the Book of Revelation shows us the energies of the Antichrist, but also the glory of Christ; the mark of the Beast, but also the seal of the Lamb; the wickedness of the Beast, but also the people of the Lamb; the destruction of creation, but also the renewal of creation. The end of Revelation is the triumphant victory of Christ over the Antichrist, the new heaven and new earth, and new people only with the new Christ, Who makes all things new, and makes all things without corruption for all things to remain new, in our life, in our mindset, and in all of our existence.


St. John-Vladimir the Prince of Bulgaria, the Greatmartyr and Miracle-Worker