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Metropolitan Joseph Convenes Meeting of Archdiocese Department and Organization Leaders

Department and Organization Leaders Gather at Antiochian VillageDepartment and Organization Leaders Gather at Antiochian VillageMarch 22, 2016 - Antiochian Village

Beginning today, department and organization leaders from across the Archdiocese have gathered with His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph to review their collective work, pray and fellowship together, and build greater collaborations across our collective efforts.

Also in attendance in their roles as hierarchical overseers of departments and organizations are their Graces Bishop Thomas, Bishop John, and Bishop Anthony, as well as leaders from the Archdiocese financial team and the Board of Trustees. His Grace Bishop Nicholas was unable to attend.

In his invitation to this meeting, Metropolitan Joseph wrote in part: "It is critical that we have departments and organizations of this Archdiocese whose work is dynamic, timely, efficient and impactful on the mission of this Archdiocese. ... It is so seldom that this important group meets. I want to make sure that we allocate in the agenda enough time for thoughtful and productive discussion about how we can all work together for the future of our beloved Archdiocese."

In his warm and encouraging opening remarks to those present, His Eminence spoke foremost about his commitment to his leadership of the Archdiocese being focused on the saving of souls.

Sayidna also distributed a list of the many departments and organizations of the Archdiocese, which can be seen below at his request. This chart is an attempt to gather the existing departments and organizations into groups which reflect some functional commonality in their charters. At the bottom of the chart are listed the 14 functional categories which were developed for this purpose.  The second column of the chart, entitled "Function(s)" shows the primary and secondary functions which have been mapped to each of the departments and organizations. Although it is not a perfect mapping, it serves as a starting point for us to recognize common functions, overlaps, and opportunities for consolidation of responsibilities where it makes sense.

Please pray for those gathered and that these meetings bear much fruit. The meetings will conclude with a pre-sanctified Liturgy and meal on Wednesday, March 23.

Chart of Departments and OrganizationsChart of Departments and Organizations