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The Department of Sacred Music is pleased to offer free of charge to you the Liturgical Music PDF Library. For any comments or suggestions, please contact us.

When you look at music on the web site, and wish to download it to replace something else, please look at the footer of the page to see the revision number (Rev. 1, e.g.) or the date to make sure that it is the latest one out there, or at least later than the one you currently have.

The music listed below is in alphabetical order according to either Title, or Season (like Lent or Feast Days), or is Grouped according to type of hymns (such as Antiphons, Communion Hymns, etc.). If it is a Group heading, click on the title of the Group, for example, "Annunciation to the Theotokos," and then all the hymns in that group will unfold under the title.  Then click on the title of the hymn you wish to see or download.

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Displaying All Music with Keyword: Michael G. H. Gelsinger
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Title & Description Keywords

Convention music-16B

Anaphora-Archangelsky No. 4

This Anaphora is from the Blue Book, page 93, #32 Milost' Mira.  "A mercy of peace, a sacrifice of praise . . . ."

Refrain & Troparion of the Second Antiphon [Listen]

Convention music-4A.  Click on "Listen" to hear the mp3 audio (export of Finale) of the piano playing this piece.  Updated 7/24/2019.

Christ is Risen (Arabic, choral)

This is the traditional melody of Christ is Risen with the Arabic phonetics.

Christ is Risen - 02 (Greek, English)

Paschal Troparion

Come Let Us Worship

Convention music-40A

Communion Hymn for Sunday

Convention music-22B.  "Praise the Lord from the heavens . . . ."

Entrance Hymn [Listen]

Convention music-7A

Gladsome Light

Convention music-42A, with the OLD translation.  Too familiar to change.  Updated 7/24/13.

Great Litany

Two versions, Convention music-41A.  Updated 7/27/19.

Litany of Fervent Supplication

Convention music-43A.  Updated 7/27/19.

Many Years - 17

God Grant You Many Years, Key of G

Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, Exaposteilarion (choral)

This is the choral arrangement of the Exaposteilarion sung for the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, December 25th.  "Down from heaven's holy height . . . ."

Pascha, Megalynarion [Listen]

The Megalynarion (Hymn to the Theotokos) sung in the Divine Liturgy on the Feast of Pascha: The Resurrection of Christ, and only on the Sundays of the Myrrh-bearing Women and The Blind Man.  This starts as a Trio.  "The Angel, when he saw Mary full of grace, cried, saying . . . O shine with clear radiance . . . ."  Updated 2/20/2021 to version from the "Blue Book," with update audio on 3/8/2021.

First Antiphon of the Typics (Psalm 103)

Convention music-51

Trisagion Hymn (10C)

In the key of B-flat

George, Troparion of

Feast day is April 23rd; Convention music 8B

Vespers, Kazan - Come Let Us Worship

Invitatory (initial hymn) from the Kazan Vespers book.  "Come, let us worship and fall down before God our King . . . ."

Vespers, Kazan - Great Litany

Great Litany #1 and #2 from the Kazan Vespers book.

Vespers, Kazan - O Gladsome Light (Choral)

Lamp-lighting hymn for after "O Lord, I have cried". Choral setting.  "Gladsome Light of the holy glory . . . ."

Vespers, Kazan - St. Simeon's Prayer (Choral)

St. Simeon's Prayer, choral version by Archangelsky and adapted into English by Gelsinger.  "Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace . . . ."