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Liturgical Music Program for Teens

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

AVAILABLE NOW at: - $100 for Director and Student Manuals (Two Vol. Set). Purchase includes Rights to make one copy of Director Manual, and unlimited copies of Student Manual.

Proceeds benefit the Sacred Music Institute Youth Music Ministry (YMM) Program Scholarships.

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

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For many years now, Regina Roum and Elizabeth Beck have been teaching our young teens the musical traditions of the Orthodox Church, and inspiring them to have a love for singing these hymns in the church during our liturgical and divine services. They have taught them how to sing in unison using our beautiful Byzantine chant melodies, and they have shared with them how to sing in harmony using our choral arrangements as well.

We have seen what they can do in person at our Archdiocese Conventions, and lately at our Sacred Music Institutes, and it is truly inspiring. Now, after many years of doing what they do best in their home parish, they have formalized this training in a "how to" Teen Music Manual, with instructions, exercises, and musical examples, so that others may accomplish this same wonderful goal in their own parishes.

We have already put together similar manuals for our children, ages Pre-school to 6 years old, and another set for ages 7 – 12, thanks to the work of Liz McMillan. Now, on behalf of the Sacred Music Department, we commend the work of Regina and Elizabeth in this Teen Music Manual, and pray that God will bless its use throughout our Archdiocese and beyond, to inspire many more teens to sing the praises of our God who has given us this life.

Yours in Christ,
Christopher Holwey


"Regina Roum and Elizabeth Beck have prepared a very basic and practical guide to assist parish music directors in building children and youth choirs. May all who use it to further sacred song prosper in their work to the glory of the Lord!"
+ His Eminence Archbishop Joseph (Diocese of Los Angeles and the West)

"Regina and Elizabeth have a long history of training, organizing and working with children and youth choirs, and now they graciously share with the reader the 'how to' so that their success may be replicated in other parishes."
+ His Grace Bishop Basil (Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America)

"Over the years, our choir directors (Regina Roum and Elizabeth Beck) have labored in love to nurture the teens and pre-teens of the parish in church singing, with the deep conviction that not only is it essential for the spiritual development of young people to have the sacred hymns of the church coursing through their hearts, minds and lips, but that it is also a significant key to church growth and evangelization.  These young choir members bloom into the adult choir, and the musical resoursces for the parish increase magnificently."
+ Archpriest Josiah Trenham, St. Andrew Church, Riverside, CA

"Many years of research, trial and error, and tedious preparation have gone into perfecting this manual.  After 73 years of choral music and choirs in this Archdiocese, we are now proud that we have "hands-on" teaching tools for our young adults and their music teachers."
+ Michael Farrow (Sacred Music Department Vice Chairman)

Teen Choir Manual - Directors Instructional Volume Table of Contents (PDF)48.79 KB
Teen Choir Manual - Student Companion Volume Table of Contents (PDF)104.49 KB