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NAB Presents Book Selection for 2019

DOWNLOAD the study questions by clicking on the book cover (left) or by clicking here.

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop JOHN, the Spiritual Advisor for the North American Board of the Antiochian Women, we are blessed to present our current Book Selection, The Sweetness of Grace, by Constantina R. Palmer. Each Antiochian Women’s chapter should have received these materials from Kh. Dannie Moore, NAB Religious Coordinator, or their diocesan representative.

The Sweetness of Grace is a collection of stories derived from conversations with Orthodox nuns, monks, and laypeople, along with experiences of Orthodox life in South Korea, Greece, and North America. Those who enjoyed the book Everyday Saints will enjoy these similar stories from other parts of the Orthodox world. The book includes conversations with monastics, priests and laypeople and stories of the sweet and difficult aspects of Christian life. The stories span three continents, including experiences in South Korea, Greece, and North America (via

Order a paperback copy of the book or an ebook, and read a sample chapter.