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New Resource for Small Church Schools: The Mustard Seed @ Blogspot







Small church schools have unique needs. The Mustard Seed website was created several years ago as a way for the Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education (AODCE) to support these needs. Through the vision and dedication of Catherine Sullivan, an Associate of the Department, materials and curriculum suitable for small church schools were selected and organized on The Mustard Seed website, with regular additions and updates.

We are saddened by the passing of Elaine Victoria Sullivan "Catherine" on April 7, 2017, in Charlotte, North Carolina, after courageously battling cancer for many years. Memory Eternal! We wish to recognize all of Catherine's efforts, including the creation of The Mustard Seed which laid the groundwork for serving the needs of the small church school. The support of small church schools through the Department continues, with The Mustard Seed shifting into a new phase: social media.

To read (and subscribe to) posts about resources/activities/staffing/training that are geared toward the life of small church schools, visit The Mustard Seed blog; and to join an online community of Orthodox Christian church school staff from schools of all sizes, visit the AODCE Church School Director Facebook page.

If you have questions, need assistance, or would like to join the Church School Director listserv, please send your name, parish and email address to us at