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January 2017 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Jesus is the Anointed One – The Christ –
He came to the Jordan to be Baptized for our Sake

The One Who meets John the Baptist at the River Jordan, near Jericho, is named Jesus. He is the Incarnate Word and the son of Mary, whom we celebrate on Christmas. He is the One on whom the Light of His Nativity shines. In the Old Testament, this Anointed One of His eternal Father was also known as: Lord God, "I AM the I AM", YHWH, and also the Christ.

To most, this One divine Person, entering the waters with John, is assumed to be just another human, being just like John - no more, no less. As the only son of Mary, this may have seemed reasonable. Moreover, He likely earned a few cuts and bruises in need of Mom's help.

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