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September 2018 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Prayer life with He Who holds us precious—the Divine One—He Who is supreme in His Being

 As we enter September, we are reminded of the important role the Academy plays in teaching, educating, and answering questions for our prisoner-students. The shared goal is to better know Jesus, as both the Creator of all and our Father, by generation. For in this, is the opportunity to growing in knowing Him, as we mature in our faith in His profound love for us. And being safe and secure in our relationship with Jesus – the Anointed Son of His Unbegotten Father – we can begin to prune away the foolish wisdom and ways of cultural customs and traditions of man. Such is key to a favorite courses of our prisoner-students: PRAYER LIFE, discussed both relationally, as well as theologically.

September 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

September 2018 Coupon (PDF)