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December 2018 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Nativity—Fulfillment of Prophecy

In the Beginning was the Word, the Son of His Eternal Father and One True Man. In His Wisdom, the Wisdom of His eternal, Unbegotten Father, He became Incarnate through the ever-faithful Mary. She named Her Son—our Father—Jesus. For He the Deliverer Who shall deliver as He promises. For He is the fulfillment of the promised Christ of the Pentateuch, the One God of Moses: I AM, the I AM. As the One Anointed Son of His eternal Father, He came for our salvation not only as our Father, but also High Priest of the Temple only the Son of Man could resurrect. Thus relationally, we are living stones of He Who is the Temple and we are His children. (Read more in our December 2018 newsletter.)

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