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The Rudder - 24 Hour Internet Based Orthodox Station Goes Live!

Press Release
For more information contact:
Chuck Powell, Development Director

Ft. Lauderdale (July 11, 2007) – The Rudder, OCN’s second internet based radio station is now live.

The Rudder will feature some of the most beautiful Orthodox liturgical
music from around the world 24 hours a day and all available on your
internet connection.

Fr. Seraphim Dedes, hieromonk at St. Gregory Palamas Monastery in Ohio,
and formerly of Mt. Athos, and Stelios Kontakiotis, master chanter and
choir director at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral will be advising
OCN on liturgical musical selections and drawing from the rich beauty
of Orthodox liturgical music from around the world and in many
different languages, including the ground breaking work being done in

The Rudder will also feature teaching programs designed to educate and edify the Orthodox and non-Orthodox listener alike.

OCN is committed to building a national, sustainable, and effective
media witness for the Orthodox Churches in America by using as many
media ministries as possible. This second internet based radio outreach
joins The Ark as another way we are continuing to fulfill the mission
of ministry and outreach for America.

Orthodox Christian Network (OCN), is the official media agency of
SCOBA, the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the
Americas, and develops effective ways to use modern media to raise
awareness of our Orthodox faith in the minds of the general population
and to be an “assistant” to local parish priests in keeping our
faithful attached to the Church between worship services. OCN produces
the nationally syndicated radio program Come Receive The Light and the
24 hour internet based radio ministries of The Ark and The Rudder. For
more information, go to