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2007 Clergy Seminar and Fall Gathering

Hosted by St. George Cathedral in Toledo, the 2007 Fall Gathering will focus on the vision of our North American Saints.

All required forms are available below.


Download the printable version of the flyer. 


Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest


          Clergy Seminar & Fall Gathering


October 31-November 4, 2007


His Grace Bishop MARK, Presiding


Hosted by Saint George Cathedral Toledo, Ohio


The Vision of the North American Saints


Ø  Keynote Speaker:


V. Rev. Joseph Antypas


Ø  Supplicate and Venerate the Relics of St. Raphael of Brooklyn on his feast day


Ø  Organizational Meetings for the Fellowship of St. John, SOYO, Antiochian Women, and Missions


Ø  Get some dancing in before the Nativity Fast at the Hafli




Accommodations at the Clarion Hotel, 419-535-7070, a special group rate of $61 per night



Registration Fee: Early $30 by October 7   $35 Regular


Name: _______________________________________


Address: _____________________________________


Parish: _________________________ City: _________


Organization: __________________________________


Please make check payable to St George Cathedral 3754 Woodley Rd. Toledo, OH 43606-1159 or email and earmark “Fall Meeting” you may also pay your registration fee by Visa or MasterCard. 


Name on Card: ___________________ Credit Card #:_______________________________


CCV (3 Numbers on back):______   Billing Address: __________________ Exp Date: _____


Cardholder Signature: _________________________________________________________



Fall Meeting Tentative Schedule


Wednesday October 31


            1pm                 Council of Presbyters Meeting                       Archbishop Michael Library


            5pm                 Daily Vespers                                                  Temple


            6pm                 Dinner


Thursday November 1


            9am                 Daily Matins                                                   Temple


            10am               Breakfast                                                         Hall                


            10:30am          Bishop MARK Report to Clergy with Q & A   Hall


            12n                  Lunch                                                              Hall


            2pm-3:30pm    Keynote Presentation                                      Hall


            3:30pm-5pm    Deanery Meetings


          5pm                 Daily Vespers                                                  Temple


            6pm                 Dinner                                                


Friday November 2


            9am                 Daily Matins                                                   Temple


            10am               Breakfast                                                         Hall


            10:30am          Keynote Presentation                                      Hall


            12n                  Lunch                                                              Hall


            2pm-3:30pm    Keynote Presentation                                      Hall


            5pm                 Dinner                        


            6:30pm            Great Vespers with Artoklasia                        Temple


            7:30pm            Opening Session: Bishop MARK and Organizational Heads Hall


            8:30pm            Parish Life Conference Planning                    Sunday School House-Main Room


            8:30pm            Missions                                                          Archbishop MICHAEL Library  


10pm               Refreshments                                                  Hall


Saturday November 3


            8am                 Matins                                                             Temple


            9am                 Divine Liturgy                                                Temple


            10:30am          Brunch                                                            Hall


            11:00am-12:30p Keynote                                                       Hall


            12:30pm          Lunch on your own                                         Local Restaurants


            1pm-3pm         Antiochian Woman


                                    Fellowship of St. John Divine


1:30pm-3pm    SOYO Project




            3pm-4:30pm    Keynote Address                                            Temple


            5pm                 Great Vespers                                                 Temple


            6pm                 Dinner on your own


7:30pm            Hafli




            9am                 Matins                                                             Temple


            10am               Hierarchical Divine Liturgy                            Temple


                                    Departure Brunch                                           Hall



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