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How To Use The NAB Religious Program


The goal of Antiochian Women everywhere should be to continually strive for spiritual growth – in their churches, homes, workplaces, and leisure activities.


It is recommended that these programs be sent to each Chapter President (either via the Diocesan President or Diocesan Religious Coordinator) so they can be used on the local levels – either in a group or individually.  Many women may feel more comfortable in a private setting rather than in a large group.


The NAB Religious Program will also be placed on the Antiochian Archdiocese’s website under


If these religious programs are used in a group setting, the following activities are recommended:


1.         Lectures – The women’s organization should invite their priest or a lay person to attend their meeting.  Present them with a topic – suggested either by the NAB or from the local women – in order for them to prepare.  Clergy may address women’s prayer lives, while lay persons can speak on a number of social/welfare issues (counseling services, right to life issues, etc.).


2.         Retreats – These events may be held one or more times throughout the year depending on the size of the parish.  The retreat may be held at an off-site location (monastery, conference facility), or on the church grounds over the course of a weekend.  Topics should be chosen that meet the needs of the women (again, either via the NAB or suggestions from the local chapter).


3.         Discussion Groups – These groups may be informal and based either on the NAB’s suggestions or ones of the local women’s choosing. 


            Feel free to discuss:

                        The lives of Women Saints and the importance of their works

                        Establishing a prayer life in the home

                        Bible passages relating to women

                        Feast days relating to the Theotokos


            A “discussion group” may also include an “Orthodox Book Club” (where both wives and their husbands are invited). 


 Abbreviations for Titles of Women Saints

 B Blessed 
 BV Blessed Virgin
 GM     Great Martyr
 HR       Holy Righteous
 M        Martyr
 NM     New Martyr
 R Righteous
 RB Right Believing
 V Virgin
 VM  Virgin Martyr
 WM  Woman Martyr