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Icon of the Mother of God of Kiev-Bratsk


Commemorated on September 6

The Kiev-Bratsk Icon of the Mother of God was originally located in the Church of Ss. Boris and Gleb in the city of Vyshgorod (Kiev). In 1662, during Russia’s war with Poland (1659-1667), the city was dealt heavy losses by the Crimean Tatars fighting on the side of the Poles. The Temple of the Holy Passion-Bearers Boris and Gleb was destroyed and defiled. However, the Providence of God preserved the holy wonderworking icon of the Mother of God, which was taken out of the church beforehand and set off along the River Dnieper.

The Dnieper carried the icon to the Podol section of Kiev, where it was joyfully taken up by the Orthodox and with due reverence transferred to the Bratsk (Brotherhood) Monastery. The icon is described in the records of church property of the Kiev-Bratsk monastery written in 1807.

There existed a “Song about the Wonderworking Kiev-Bratsk Icon of the Mother of God,” compiled soon after the year 1692. The Kiev-Bratsk Icon of the Mother of God is commemorated four times during the year: September 6, May 10, June 2, and on Saturday of the Fifth Week of Great Lent. All these days are dedicated to the miraculous appearance of the holy icon in 1654. Unfortunately, the original icon has not been preserved. The copy that now exists was painted from it “measure for measure,” and is presently located in the Kiev monastery of the Protection of the Mother of God.

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