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St. Agathocleia


Commemorated on September 17

The Holy Martyr Agathocleia was a servant in the home of a Christian named Nicholas. His wife, Paulina, was a pagan. For eight years, Agathocleia suffered abuse from her mistress because of her faith. Paulina fiercely beat Agathocleia and made her walk barefoot over sharp stones.

Once, in a fit of rage, Paulina broke Agathocleia’s rib with a blow from a hammer, and then cut out her tongue. Nothing could make the saint give in to the demand of her mistress to worship idols. Paulina locked the martyr in prison in the hopes of starving her to death. But Agathocleia did not perish with birds bringing her food each day. Finally, Paulina personally went to the prison and murdered the holy martyr.

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