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St. Ariadne of Phrygia


Commemorated on September 18

The Holy Martyr Ariadne was a servant of Tertillos, a city official of Promyssia (Phrygia) during the reign of Emperor Hadrian (117-161). On the occasion of the birth of his son, Tertillos made a sacrificial offering to the pagan gods, but the Christian Ariadne refused to participate in the celebration. As punishment, she was subjected to beatings and lacerations with sharp iron hooks. She was then thrown into prison and left without food unless she vowed to worship the pagan gods.

When Ariadne was eventually released from prison, she fled the city, but Tertillos sent executioners after her. Seeing that they were chasing her, she ran, calling out to God to defend her from her enemies. Suddenly, through her prayers, a fissure opened in the mountain, and St. Ariadne hid in it. This miracle led the pursuers to strike one another with spears in fear and confusion.

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